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I have a new phone. It is one of the “smart” types of phones, and it is much, much smarter than I am.  For those of you who get the latest and greatest gadgets every year, this is no big deal. For those of you who know me and how frugal and non-technical I am, you understand that this IS a big deal. Recent technological advances in both phones and cell towers around rural northern Minnesota now allow me to actually use a cell phone and get decent reception without leaning over the east corner of the deck holding the phone up high and waving it  around to get more than two bars. Thanks to those of you who honked and waved back. This really is a friendly neighborhood.   Phones are now mini-computers. One can talk, take photographs, watch movies and play games on a device small enough to slip into your pocket.  Some people can do all of these at the same time. This technology is totally amazing to me, who  grew up in the 70’s in a small town. Phones had cords and computers took up whole rooms at NASA headquarters in Cocoa Beach, where genies came out of bottles and were named Jeannie.  When the weather was nice kids played outside. Period. No exceptions, unless you were running a temperature.   When someone said  “your mom is calling you,” it didn’t mean to answer your cell phone. It meant she was hollering out the back door and telling you it was time for supper…..and you’d better not be late, either.  These days, if the errant kid doesn’t show up, Mom can push the “Family Locater” button on her phone and find him by GPS. That button would probably have gotten more than a few teenagers in trouble when I was growing up. (Not me, Mom!) I am now texting, too, which is something that I said I would NEVER do.  I’m eating….er, typing my words now, that’s for sure.  Texting can be difficult for those of us who need bifocals, as you have to hold the phone back a little in order to see it and the letters on the tiny little phone keyboard are in a slightly different order than a regular keyboard. Whose bright idea was it to change that? My texts always seem to contain misspellings and oddly placed letters, which can drive a [erfection(st lke me craxy. Younger, more agile  texters have their own language now, done in abbreviations, such as NOOb, which means “newbie”, (that’s me), or B9, which means “boss is watching”.  Learning another language, especially one using symbols, is just too much for a middle-aged Farm Woman. I will stick with regular words for now,  with a few exceptions: B4N (bye for now),  hoping the MFW hlps U to ROFL (roll on the floor laughing) or at least LOL. (laugh out loud). CUL8RG8R. (see you later, alligator).

This column is dedicated today to the memory of Steve Jobs, an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision that reached far beyond the wild blue yonder.

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